Fanset has been in Small Household Appliances and Professional Cleaning Machine Industry with wide range of products since 1988. Today it’s become a powerful company with its well-known and trustworthy brands Fantom and Fantom Professional. Fanset has export activities to more than 70 countries around the World, as fulfilling the global customer expectations, higher competition power and progress to be global brand.

Fanset, in its modern production facilities makes production with the concepts of “ Zero Fault  “ , “ Just in Time ” and “ Flexible Production “ with its qualified staff . It establishes its production strategies and policies based on pre-production, production and post production stages in order to ensure continues customer satisfaction by investing widely on R&D.
Customer is the most important point of all of our activities. Fanset introduces product variety which makes life easier with creating added value. We are always behind our consumers after sales with authorized service centers all around Turkey and well organized service system for our international customers. For social responsibility awareness and environmental support, we have accepted and certified all of European Standards and integrated them sustainably to our activities.

Our biggest capital is our staff, suppliers, distributors, business partners, service staff as well as warm connection with our customers by sharing common spirit, ethical and principled business culture and values.

With process-focused approach, we undertake to create new vision for the next generations by transferring this philosophy to all processes and to be one of the best producers of the World with trustworthiness of “ Made in Turkey”